Destination Wedding Cost

Written By: Jacqueline Iliff

Destination weddings are increasingly popular. Since the mid-1990s, couples have chosen to travel for their wedding and include their family and closest friends. It is an opportunity for couples to share their wedding with those that mean the most to them and to do so in an exciting place. Whether the venue is a castle, vineyard, tropical beach or another exciting destination, such as Las Vegas, couples have the opportunity to enjoy their union and celebrate for more than just a day with those closest to them. Approximately one out of four weddings today is a destination wedding. The average cost of a destination wedding is $20,000.

Average Cost of a Destination Wedding

A destination wedding can cost between $200 and $90,000. Depending on the wishes of the marrying couple, the event can be simple or elaborate. Today, an estimated one out of four weddings is a destination wedding. Couples most often opt for a destination wedding because they want to share the experience with only their closest friends and family. Sometimes, couples feel that they can keep costs down by marrying away from home because they can plan on fewer guests. Some couples want to have more than just a few hours celebrating with those closest to them.

If a couple chooses a simple wedding away from home, it can cost as low as $1,000. Depending on the location as well as the resort, couples can keep the expenses low. The Platinum Florida Wedding Company offers a wedding package for $200 to $5,000. A $200 wedding offers an officient and a rose or sand ceremony. With few or no guests, a destination wedding can be kept simple and less costly. 

If a couple chooses a more elaborate wedding away from home, the price will increase. The Florida Wedding Company offers a package for $2,995, which includes many amenities. It offers a bamboo arbor, potted palms and tiki torches, a rose-petal-strewn aisle, an audio system and more. A tropical resort wedding will require extra spending. Depending on the length of stay and the number of guests, such a wedding can cost between $8,000 and $40,000. This depends on the length of the bride, groom and guests’ stay; the amenities included in the package; and whether the venue is all-inclusive.


Hidden Costs

Read the fine print. This is the best advice for any couple planning a destination wedding. What is included in the wedding package is especially important. When planning an out-of-town wedding, it is always important to be sure that the wedding can be perfect without finding additional, hidden expenses.

Hidden expenses may include government and processing fees for international travel, a “free” wedding ceremony and “extra” wedding nuances. Processing fees for an international wedding should cost close to $200. Many resorts charge $250 and up for processing fees. A little detective work and perhaps a local wedding planner can help a couple greatly reduce this cost. 

There are many other costs associated with a destination wedding. A couple must consider if traditional items are included. These include the marriage license, the officient, the flowers, the photographer, the cake, the champagne and the hors d’oeuvres. Marrying in a foreign country adds more needs. The couple should know if they need to arrive before the ceremony to register.

Often, there are hidden clauses in the wedding contract with a resort or hotel. This could include a requirement to book for a certain number of days, a requirement to use only the resort or hotel services or a number of other requirements. Couples should make sure they are prepared for any hidden costs.

Making the Most of Your Wedding

If you decide to marry away from home, there are many ways to ensure your wedding is special and affordable. 

Remind yourself of the costs you would spend on a traditional wedding at home:





Remind yourself of the extra expenses for a destination wedding:



     meals for your guests

     extra activities for your guests

     gift bags for guests

When planning a destination wedding, it is important to remember to make it special and unique. You may feel you are saving money, but if you truly want a lovely experience, you will have to spend a little extra money to make both you and your friends feel content. A destination wedding can cost as little as $200 or as much as $100,000. What matters is what you and your beloved want for this very special day in your life.





Travel packages are the easiest approach to a destination wedding event

Written By: Terri Mitchell

There are so many details surrounding a wedding, and it is easy to get bogged down and lose some of the joy that should be inherent to the process. This is compounded when planning a wedding somewhere else, a destination event that includes loved ones from home and members of the wedding party. Perhaps the easiest and most stress-free approach to a memorable destination wedding is to take advantage of some of the inclusive packages offered by travel agents, websites and businesses. For example, there are packages offered by third-party groups that sub-contract out various vendors and services, or there are inclusive deals through hotels and resorts that cater to each detail of the affair with an in-house planning team.

Whatever the preference, planning a destination wedding should never be a last-minute decision unless an elopement is planned. There are aspects related to these events that take time to coordinate and it is better etiquette to inform guests of the nuptials six to eight months ahead for them to make travel plans. Consider some of the following options when contemplating a ceremony in another locale and make the wedding a far less stressful experience:

An exotic cruise is an exemplary way to get married, pamper guests and enjoy a relaxing honeymoon, all in one inclusive vacation experience. Cruise directors and staff are adept at planning ceremonies, hosting parties and providing resources to accommodate showers, rehearsals and festivities of a wedding. This also gives every member of the group a fun and memorable vacation with a wide range of activities on board to keep them occupied. Food and stay are covered in the cost of the cruise and groups will receive reduced fares per person.

If traveling on a cruise ship is not the desired wedding venue, look for one of the many tropical resorts that offer high-end luxury amenities amid a beautiful, serene backdrop. Blocks of rooms will accommodate guests and attendants, while on-site services, dining, spa, golf and other services will keep everyone busy and happy. These will require advance reservation for resort staff to plan and pull-off a spectacular wedding and their experience and attention to detail ensures it will be a magnificent day.

A charter is a great destination wedding concept and chartering a luxury bus to the casinos of Vegas or a popular attraction is a great way to enjoy the entire wedding experience with family and friends. This does limit the number of individuals that can participate; couples will need to arrange where the group will stay, where rehearsals or ceremonies will take place and other details of the trip. Some hotels and charter companies will accommodate such events but this will require some early collaboration and planning. Unless the couple wants to leave everyone on their own, there will need to be some work done ahead of time.

If the couple has a specific hotel in mind, talking with the concierge could begin the process of planning the destination nuptials. Many high-end, popular hotels have on-site services that include clergy, catering, music and florists to create a dream venue that requires little effort on the couple’s part.

Getting married somewhere intriguing or exciting is a wonderful way to start a life together. If the couple wants the most effortless experience, opting for an inclusive package could be the best approach. If the wedding is small and intimate, there is more versatility pertaining to destination options and preparations can be made more spontaneously. Regardless of the details of the affair, a destination wedding promises to provide memories and experiences that will last a lifetime for anyone in attendance.


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