I do! I do! Let’s go to Mexico

Written By: Gilda Armendi

Traditionally, when it comes to weddings, it is all about the bride!

However, there are several types of weddings to choose from and one in particular can be daring, yet adventurous. Now, if the bride decides she wants to have a destination wedding, a destination wedding it is. It may appear to be expensive, but not if she chooses wisely. Considering the options for the once-in-a-lifetime event, a destination wedding sounds appealing already, since the nuptials will be on
their honeymoon at the same time.

However, some possible destination weddings that are popular today are European weddings, which sound amazing if the couple lives near Europe, because that can get pricey, especially for guests. Yet, for the United States couple, beach weddings are a hit. And besides Canada, the best and wisest choice has to be Mexico! According to the website “Piece of Cake Wedding Planning”, Mexico is ranked number #4 on their list. (Visit “Piece of Cake Wedding Planning”) While offering travelers a chance to unwind, relax and sunbathe, the couple can enjoy their honeymoon as well.

While the budget should be kept in mind, so should the couple’s guests. Knowing that she is not going in on this alone, her guests should be told in their invitations that reservations are only blocked for the bride’s wedding, travel and stay are not. If an adult-only reception is given, childcare is excluded and so guests should have that taken care of as well. Hence, an accommodations card should be included in the
invitation after getting all the facts from her travel agent, including the deadline for reservations, phone number to hotel, and maybe even, in the RSVP card, how many children will be in attendance. (Etiquette for wedding invitations should include the right information.)

Planning is everything!

Some of the best beaches are in Mexico, with water-sports, cheap shopping, well
mannered servers, beautiful hotels, authentic cuisine, and yes, cheap, cheap alcohol,
if the party consists of drinkers. All of this inexpensive compared to other countries.
(An itinerary would be helpful, too.) A bride will be consumed by Mexico’s rich heritage as well as having her guests intrigued by the scenario, climate, and activities.

The three major reasons why Mexico is a perfect destination-style wedding getaway is first and foremost because it is inexpensive: hotel expense, travel tickets, and shopping would be painless. Second, it has a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos. The mixed rainbow of colors from aisles of shop decor, piñatas lining the markets, pina-coladas, margaritas, and not to forget that blue – turquoise water is picturesque. A breathtaking photo for a wedding backdrop is a definite. And third, if the couple is living in the US, it is as close to home as you can get. Most importantly, do not forget the passports! Visit travel.state.gov on documents needed when visiting outside of the United States.

Destination weddings can be one of the most exciting places to say “I Do” if the couple is wanting to get married in front of relatives and friends. There are destination wedding packages at Everafter.

The bride can also visit sites like wedding in mexico.

Popular places for destination weddings:

  • Acapulco – relatively close to Mexico City and situated in a natural bay and perfect for water sports galore. Such tropical places as Acapulco are popular for those water enthusiasts.
  • Cancun – a tropical, white sandy beach in the Gulf of Mexico, which runs off the Yucatan peninsula. It is adjacent to the Caribbean Sea, surrounded by hotels, pools, shopping and a vast number of Mayan ruins while also being known for it is strikingly beautiful history.
  • Cozumel – right off the second largest coral reef in the world, which goes for miles, and the Caribbean Sea in which it rests. The climate is subtropical and the people native to Cozumel are of Mayan descent.
  • Puerto Vallarta – a Mexican beach resort city situated on the Pacific Ocean’s Bahía de Banderas.
  • Los Cabos – known for its white sand beaches and southern tip of Mexico’s magnificent peninsula, a Mecca with an average year-round temperature of 78 degrees.
  • Riviera Maya – off the Caribbean coastline, archeological ruins and plenty of resort-style hotels  surrounded by beautiful beaches.

And finally, escape into the enticing yet crystal clear water and go for a revitalizing escape into the tropical beaches of Mexico. Whether it is only for two or for a large party of 200 guests, discover the outdoor wealth of things to do with family and friends — a great place to begin a nuptials life “forever after”.

What You Need to Know about Wedding Cruises

Written By: Annette Jacobs

Weddings are one of the most important and celebrated events in people’s lives. In order to have memories that will be held dear for a long time, some couples want to do something unique. With this in mind, it is advised they see what choices are available to make the day remarkable, and nothing screams remarkable more than a wedding cruise. Wedding cruises are becoming quite popular these days; with packages that allows one to have his/her ceremony, reception and honeymoon all at sea. Just like every other thing, wedding cruises have their benefits and drawbacks, and so it is important that some of them are looked into. This should allow the couple have an overview of what to expect on the day they tie the knot to ensure a hitch free ceremony.

3 Appealing Benefits of Having Wedding Cruise Wedding

Incredible Packages

Planning for this kind of event can be very stressful and hectic and so getting an organizer would help to provide support in order to have a hassle-free ceremony. Cruise companies offer various deals to choose from. Services such as organizing, live music or sometimes recorded music, flowers, refreshments, wedding cake, photography and so much more are included. All that is required is to have a plan and choose the wedding cruise that fits the plan, and personality. The rest of the preparation would be done by the company giving the couple enough time to rest and enjoy the main event.

Cost Effective Options

Be sure to look for a package that meets the financial budget for the wedding. Prices can vary from $500 to $2000 but it all depends on the features included, and the number of guests that will be attending. Couples also have the option of choosing their theme based on the time of year and country. Here, the price would change depending on the theme selected as the hall would have to be arranged and decorated in different styles. Having this kind of wedding can save a lot of money if the couple book for both the main event and honeymoon package.

Ease in Planning

Employing the services of an organizer makes the planning much easier and stress free for the couple so they have room to enjoy the event. Most cruise companies help with the marriage license and even wedding invitations.

Things to Watch Out for – Drawbacks of Wedding Cruises

Lack of Accommodation  

Wedding cruises that are not going to be at sea for days do not usually offer accommodation. Therefore, it is necessary to make sleeping arrangements for people who traveled in for the event, and also make sure to inform them beforehand.

Weather Restrictions

The ceremony can be affected if the weather condition is unfavorable. Most times, making instant changes to continue the wedding inside could be difficult. It is advised that the couple plan for a cruise at times of the year when the weather is friendly to avoid disappointment.

If one is getting married on a cruise, he/she can be sure to have one of the best memories. It is so much fun, and romantic as the captivating open water, delicious foods offered by top chefs and the feeling of sea breeze surrounds them. It is crucial to remember each cruise varies with respect to the kind of services they offer, so one should weigh his/her options before having a wedding on sea.

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