Save Your Day With A Wedding Checklist

Written By: cdhbrown

From the moment you begin to plan your wedding, you may find it very helpful to have a wedding checklist. This list is going to become a crucial part of your wedding, it is going to hold all of the things that you want and need to help your special day take place without even the smallest issues.

The wedding checklist will allow you to be able to see at a glance all you have taken care of and what you still need to take care of. You can prioritize your list so that you can focus on the largest things first and save the smallest things for last. When you have this list, youll be able to know when its actually time to begin stressing over details or it can help you to take care of each item one by one.

The wedding checklist should include everything from the venue down to the wedding favors. There is no detail about your wedding that should not be included on this list. It may be the difference between you going totally insane or being calm and relaxed throughout the whole planning stage of your wedding.

Every bride should have a wedding list that allows her to keep up with everything that has been done and each item that has not yet been addressed. A bride should be able to enjoy all of the planning stages of her wedding; no bride wants to spend the days prior to her wedding stressing out over the details. A wedding should be a happy occasion especially for the bride and groom and having an efficient checklist, the occasion can be so much more pleasurable.

Dont begin planning your wedding without having a checklist that has all of the items you need for your special occasion listed on it.

Choose Wedding Favor Boxes that are Size Appropriate

Written By: cdhbrown

Choosing the perfect wedding favor boxes doesnt have to be as hard as some make it out to be. A bride needs to choose the wedding favor boxes that not only appeal to her, but that also hold the wedding favor neatly so that the boxes are presentable.

A bride may chooser her favor boxes in the color of the theme of her wedding. She may choose favor boxes that offer handles or those without handles. She may prefer that her favor boxes are more like bags that will allow her to place her favor inside along with some colorful tissue paper coming out of the top.

The favor boxes that have a clear window in the front of the box may be the type of box that she is looking for to hold her wedding favors. These boxes are perfect if she is having a candy buffet and candy is the wedding favor that she is gifting her guests with.

Perhaps a bride is using her and the grooms initials along with the initial of her new last name as a part of the wedding theme; she may choose to use wedding favor boxes that allow her to place a sticker that contains the initial monogram on the favor boxes.

When a bride chooses to use food items such as cookies or cupcakes as her wedding favor, she will want to make sure that her favor boxes are the proper size to hold the cookies or cupcakes neatly. If the favor box is too small, the cookie wont fit or the cupcake can be crushed. Being able to secure the lid on the favor boxes that are for food items is going to be a very important detail.

A bride will have no trouble choosing a beautiful favor box as long as her gift fits well into the box.

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