Travel packages are the easiest approach to a destination wedding event

Written By: Terri Mitchell

There are so many details surrounding a wedding, and it is easy to get bogged down and lose some of the joy that should be inherent to the process. This is compounded when planning a wedding somewhere else, a destination event that includes loved ones from home and members of the wedding party. Perhaps the easiest and most stress-free approach to a memorable destination wedding is to take advantage of some of the inclusive packages offered by travel agents, websites and businesses. For example, there are packages offered by third-party groups that sub-contract out various vendors and services, or there are inclusive deals through hotels and resorts that cater to each detail of the affair with an in-house planning team.

Whatever the preference, planning a destination wedding should never be a last-minute decision unless an elopement is planned. There are aspects related to these events that take time to coordinate and it is better etiquette to inform guests of the nuptials six to eight months ahead for them to make travel plans. Consider some of the following options when contemplating a ceremony in another locale and make the wedding a far less stressful experience:

An exotic cruise is an exemplary way to get married, pamper guests and enjoy a relaxing honeymoon, all in one inclusive vacation experience. Cruise directors and staff are adept at planning ceremonies, hosting parties and providing resources to accommodate showers, rehearsals and festivities of a wedding. This also gives every member of the group a fun and memorable vacation with a wide range of activities on board to keep them occupied. Food and stay are covered in the cost of the cruise and groups will receive reduced fares per person.

If traveling on a cruise ship is not the desired wedding venue, look for one of the many tropical resorts that offer high-end luxury amenities amid a beautiful, serene backdrop. Blocks of rooms will accommodate guests and attendants, while on-site services, dining, spa, golf and other services will keep everyone busy and happy. These will require advance reservation for resort staff to plan and pull-off a spectacular wedding and their experience and attention to detail ensures it will be a magnificent day.

A charter is a great destination wedding concept and chartering a luxury bus to the casinos of Vegas or a popular attraction is a great way to enjoy the entire wedding experience with family and friends. This does limit the number of individuals that can participate; couples will need to arrange where the group will stay, where rehearsals or ceremonies will take place and other details of the trip. Some hotels and charter companies will accommodate such events but this will require some early collaboration and planning. Unless the couple wants to leave everyone on their own, there will need to be some work done ahead of time.

If the couple has a specific hotel in mind, talking with the concierge could begin the process of planning the destination nuptials. Many high-end, popular hotels have on-site services that include clergy, catering, music and florists to create a dream venue that requires little effort on the couple’s part.

Getting married somewhere intriguing or exciting is a wonderful way to start a life together. If the couple wants the most effortless experience, opting for an inclusive package could be the best approach. If the wedding is small and intimate, there is more versatility pertaining to destination options and preparations can be made more spontaneously. Regardless of the details of the affair, a destination wedding promises to provide memories and experiences that will last a lifetime for anyone in attendance.


Top 10 destination wedding planners

Written By: Jacqueline Iliff

If you’re planning a destination wedding, you will want someone trusted to take care of all of the details.  A destination wedding planner is a counselor, accountant, creative director, negotiator and local tour guide, among many other things.  Once you know that you’d like to take your closest friends and family to a special place to celebrate your marriage, it is important to have a wedding planner who will make sure your event is as special as you always hoped it would be.  There are many qualified wedding planners who can help you find the perfect location for your wedding and help you with all of the details.  Finding the best company to help you create the best destination wedding for you is a dream come true.

Destination Weddings (destinationweddings.com)

When planning a destination wedding, it is easy to use the Internet to find the perfect match for your celebration.  Destination Weddings is an award-winning company with certified destination wedding specialists to help you achieve your dream.  Wedding planners employed by Destination Weddings have years of experience creating specialized weddings in many locations.  The company has organized over 15,000 weddings in 42 countries.  With all of the experience, Destination Weddings has built quality relationships with hotels and resorts throughout the world.  This experience offers the opportunity for endless perks and amenities.  Whether you want your wedding in Australia, Africa, South America  or the Caribbean, Destination Weddings offers packages geared to the bride and groom’s budget. 

Destination Bride (destinationbride.com)

Destination Bride is based out of New York City and offers a variety of destination weddings to brides and grooms around the world.  Destination Bride will plan a wedding anywhere from the United States to Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and more.  The company offers consultation, planning, designing and coordination of help to exclusively help you or to supplement your efforts to plan your special day. “The Comfort Zone” package is all-inclusive and will manage every aspect of your wedding event.  If you’d rather take care of some details on your own, Destination Bride offers a “Consultation Package,” which offers all arrangements the month of your wedding tailored to your needs or “Add ons,” providing only the services that you need to help relieve you of stress and create a smooth wedding experience.

Elegant Occasions (elegantoccasions.com)

Founded by JoAnn Gregoli and based in New York City, Elegant Occasions has been in business since 1985.  Specializing in destination weddings, Elegant Occasions provides a multitude of services.  The company will help find the venue you dreams, whether it is a beach, mansion or historic site.  They provide on-site assistance and day-of wedding service in addition to invitations, rentals, food, travel arrangements, transportaion, hair and make-up services and much more.  Elegant Occasions has planned weddings in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Rome, Paris and many more exciting locations.

Stella and Moscha Chanioti (stellaandmoscha.com)

Stella and Moscha provide the perfect Greek wedding. With over 20 years of experience, they will bring Greek customs and culture to your destination wedding.  Their knowlege of the Greek Isles will help make your dreams of an exotic Greek wedding come true.  Stella and Moscha offer a range of service packages to suit any bride’s needs, including Full Planning, Partial Planning or Day-Of Planning.

Marry Me Weddings (marrymeweddings.com)

If marrying in India is your dream, Marry Me Weddings is the best wedding planner for you.  Specializing in Indian weddings, Marry Me Weddings also has international wedding experience.  Candice Pereira, the creative head and co-founder of Marry Me Weddings, has worked in hospitality management for many years.  Before coming to Marry Me Weddings, Candice worked at resorts in Australia and Canada, as well as India.  She and her partner, Jaret D’Abreo, create luxury destination weddings and honeymoons while tailoring the details to the bride and groom.  Marry Me Weddings provides custom wedding packages to suit individual needs.  Services include wedding budget management, vendor management, design and decor ideas and arrangements, help with licenses and insurance, and many other details, including transportation, invitations, food, photography and entertainment.

Bianca Porrino (biancaweddings.com)

Bianca Porrino has created destination weddings since 2000.  Ms. Porrino has lived and worked in London, Italy, San Francisco and San Diego at elite resorts including Hyatt Regency and Hotel Barbabuc.  Based in Southern California, she is fluent in Italian, Spanish and English.  Ms. Porrino has created weddings in Hawaii, Las Vegas, New York, Miami, Los Angelos and Europe.  Her services include a “Fairytale Package,” which covers just about everything, the “Crown Package,” which assists brides with all details within a couple of months of the wedding, and the “Italian Job Package,” which offers full day-of services for the wedding.  Ms. Porrino works with every couple to assure their desires are met within budget.  She also offers an “a la carte” menu for couples who have done most of the legwork but want someone there to take care of the details on their wedding day.

Sarah Haywood (sarahhaywood.com)

If you are planning a European wedding event, Sarah Haywood’s company is the one to turn to for wedding plans.  Ms. Haywood is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed wedding planner.  She provides luxury weddings, tailor made to suit a bride and groom’s desires.  Ms. Haywood has planned destination weddings for clients with any budget.  She provides world-class service throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, designed to the individual bride and groom.  Ms. Hayood will handle arrangements for the venue, the ceremony and the reception based on individual preferences.  She will assist with all aspects of your destination wedding and is happy to work around your schedule.

Awesome Caribbean Weddings (caribbianandco.com)

Kayt Cooper and Michele Ince created Awesome Caribbean Weddings in 1999 to help couples create a memorable Caribbean wedding experience.  Awesome Caribbean Weddings is based in St. Lucia and provides services including help with all accommodations, the ceremony and the reception as well as arranging spa services and activities for the bridal couple and the guests.  Awesome Caribbean Weddings has experience creating and organizing weddings in a variety of Caribbean locations including a plantation, historical ruins, Churches, Seaview cliffs and gardens, private beaches and luxory resorts.

Event Group International (teginternational.com)

The Event Group International, based in Atlanta, Georgia, offers many services to help a bride and groom plan their destination wedding.  The Event Group International has over 25 years of expericence in quality, personalized service.  Its award-winning team of certified destination wedding planners helps to create the wedding of your dreams.  The Event Group offers packages to suit every couple’s individual needs.  Packages include the “Platinum” or comprehensive service, “Silver,” which offers confirmation of arrangements, finalization of details and last-minute help, and “Gold,” which offers negotiations and legwork to help you supplement the work you’ve done and offer you time to relax.  The Event Group International also offers many “a la carte” services to help you meet your needs.

Mountains and Meadows, LLC (mmweddingscolorado.com)

JoAnn Moore founded Mountain and Meadows, LLC to help brides create their dream weddings in the scenic Rocky Mountains and Vail Valley.  Along with Mindy McNitt, Cheryl Sensor, Trevor Scott Martinez and Rachel Halverson, Ms. Moore has built a prominent destination wedding business.  The award-winning company provides consultations to brides and grooms to help them create the destination wedding of their dreams.  The experienced wedding planners provide a variety of services to meet the needs of individual couples.  Services range from hourly consultations to complete wedding services.  Mountains and Meadows will take care of any size of destination wedding and details from flowers, photographers, and cuisine to spa services.  A professional wedding planner will be present at all times to ensure your wedding is as perfect as you dreamed.


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